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Firebug 1.5a12 has Firebug 1.5a12. It includes:

  • New ‘off’ icon for Windows
  • Fix for issue 1697, keep the console scolled to the bottom,
  • updates for Hungarian, Dutch, French, Danish, and Czech locales.
  • (internal) Implements fbs.forceGarbageCollection() for Firebug developers to debug GC issues. (not for 1.4).

Unheralded Firebug 1.5a11 included:

  • Implement preference “allPagesActivation” to fix issue 1968, Firebug does not stay minimized
  • (internal) Remove Firebug.isClosed() method, there is no placement==”none” now.
  • (internal) remove externalBrowser, not used in 1.4


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