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1.4 Issue Summary Revisited

Since the 1.4 Issue Summary post we’ve made great progress.   The remaining issues:

  • Some users are confused by or object to the use of the [X] icon. Resolution : We understand the issue and we’ve implemented a plan, adding a glaring extra word — “Off” — to the UI and a new tooltip to warn users of the change in behavior of the icon.
  • Minimize does not stick. Resolution: actually there were a lot of related issues around minimize and the external window behavior; all we know about are fixed.
  • Ajax calls sometimes generate bizarre messages. Resolution: we need help from Firefox on this one.

All of the fixes are in Firebug 1.4b7 and 1.5a10.

The only thing between here and 1.4.0 is uncertainty: did these recent fixes introduce more bugs? Are there bugs as yet unreported that impact many users most of the time? We don’t know the answers and we don’t have any way to find out.  In the next day or so we’ll send out 1.4.0 and find out…


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