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Firebug 1.5a9: window controls change has Firebug 1.5X.0a9, a pre-view of changes we want to put into 1.4:

  • The windowing control buttons on the upper right are re-ordered and one is now explicitly called “Off”.1.5OffButton
  • When detached (open in new or external window), closing the window (with the operating system control), now changes the placement from “detached” to “minimized”. So the window closes but the page remains active.
  • When detached, Firebug has a “[X] Off” button like the in-browser form.  It deactivates the currently selected web page.
  • The “On for all pages” mode (from the right click status bar icon menu), now disables “Off”, to ensure “always on” means “always on”
  • If Firebug is minimized in the browser and you open a new browser window, Firebug will be minimized in the new browser as well.

In addition this release has a fix for Issue 1970 (“Errors inside an XmlHttpRequest.onReadyStateChange fail silently”). However, there is an intermettint problem that results in a permissions exception that we are working on.


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