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1.4 Issues Summary

We’ve had a lot of discussion on the newsgroup about Firebug 1.4. As with every new UI, we have a mix of documentation problems, design problems, and bugs.  Here is my attempt to summarize the main problems, so folks know what I heard, as well as what I did not get.

  • Some users have “unstable” URLs: the site they are debugging has a constant domain, but variable URLs. Resolved: Implemented Activate Same Domain.
  • 1.4 does not automatically reload, but 1.3 did. Resolution: need better documentation, may be add option to auto-reload.
  • Some users are confused by or object to the use of the [X] icon. Resolution: issues are still unclear to me.
  • Minimize does not stick. Resolution: see issue 1968. I’ll take a stab at a solution but no promises.
  • AJAX errors. Two pair:  onDataAvailable+onStartRequest exceptions (Resolution: see issue 1879 fixed) and onreadystatecompleted+onsuccess no exceptions. (Resolution: see issue 1970. I’ve worked out a fix, but it’s not ready to commit).
  • CSS Edit problems. All of the symptoms are similar to issue 1894, but the reports keep coming. Some seem related to Show User Agent CSS. Resolution: still looking for a test case; may remove Show User Agent CSS option.

So this is my view of the major issues. I’ve left out a lot of complaints of the form “1.3 was better”, since we don’t have development resources to revisit the 1.4 design at this point.  If I’ve missed some critical, show-stopping bugs or constructive suggestions on how 1.4 can be improved easily, please let me know.

We’ll go ahead with 1.4.0 this week, and next week we will pick up more localizations and bug fixes for 1.4.1.  At that point I expect most activity will shift to 1.5.


Please post followups to the newsgroup.

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