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Firebug 1.4b3 for Firefox 3.0 and 3.5 has released Firebug 1.4b3 for Firefox 3.0 and 3.5. This version fixes a number of bugs that could have affected a lot of folks.

Our TODO list for 1.4 is now pretty short:

  1. Make the test driver 100% reliable (three tests fail occasionally)
  2. Internationalization
  3. Fix the blocking bugs,
  4. Add more bugs to the list of blocking bugs,
  5. Go to step 3.

If you use Firebug and you want to be sure that 1.4 works for you,  now is the time to test is out.


Please post followups to the newsgroup.

5 Responses to “Firebug 1.4b3 for Firefox 3.0 and 3.5”

  1. Ced Says:

    1.4b3 is not on ?

  2. Connor Says:

    I’ve encountered several bugs in this version.

    1. Ctrl+Shift+C will not open Firebug nor the inspector pane, even though this preference setting is correctly set.
    2. Several times when I remove a CSS directive from an inspected element, the entire list of CSS inheritance disappears for that element, leaving me only with the body tag.
    3. The console appears to not generate any output unless it is open in view.

  3. heals1ic Says:

    I ma having the same issues as sebastianz.

    Very frustrating.

    Any idea when the next release is or at least a bug fix for this?

  4. johnjbarton Says:

    Bug reports can be submitted at
    The first two have been reported and fixed. I don’t understand the third one, maybe can use minimize on the window, the [_] button upper right.

  5. johnjbarton Says:

    Firebug 1.4b4 is available now at