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Firefox 3.5RC1 + Firebug 1.4Xb2

I  downloaded FireFox release candidate 3.5RC1 build2 for win32 and installed Firebug 1.4Xb2, then ran our FBTests. 424 pass, 1 fail (net/1764). More important, this version does not crash if you hit a breakpoint and put your mouse on the Script panel.  Looks like that problem is behind us.

To get this version, install Firefox 3.5b4 and then immediately use Firefox > Help  > CheckForUpdates and the RC1 will be installed.


5 Responses to “Firefox 3.5RC1 + Firebug 1.4Xb2”

  1. Ezequiel Says:

    Please i need firebug for firefox 3.5.
    What can I Do?

  2. johnjbarton Says:

    nico I can’t read what Liam said, please post your questions on the newsgroup or report a bug to our issues list.

  3. johnjbarton Says:

    As always, the latest versions of Firebug are available from

  4. Delicia Cory Says:

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  5. Sebastian Says:

    Well, this post is pretty old as you may have seen. Also John is not working for the FWG anymore.