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1.4a31: Good to go on Firefox 3.0 has released Firebug 1.4a31. It passes ‘all’ of our FBTests (43 test files, 443 unit tests) on Firefox 3.0.10.

On Firefox 3.5 nightly build we still have about 20 failing tests. My guess is that most of these are caused by changes in the order of events between 3.0 and 3.5. I think what is happening is that our test-verification code is running before the Firebug test code runs, so the test fails the verify, then the test code runs correctly. But of course guessing is exactly what test cases are meant to prevent…


Please followup on the newsgroup, thanks.

2 Responses to “1.4a31: Good to go on Firefox 3.0”

  1. Coucouf Says:

    The « Script » pannel is broken for me with this update (everything in the pannel is empty).

  2. Coucouf Says:

    OK, forget this it works. 🙂