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Minimizing Firebug 1.4a22

We are very close to the end of Firebug 1.4 features. I am just adding a few more to deal with problems raised by users of the some new features.

Now on the upper right hand menu will be a new button, a down arrow to mean “Minimize Firebug”. introducingminimizebutton Use this when you want the Firebug UI out of the way but not off on the page.  The up arrow continues to mean detach Firebug into a standalone window, but you can also think of it as “Maximize Firebug”, since mostly folks use it to get more screen size for Firebug. The [x] means “Close Firebug” as  always, but now this button has more importance: from now on in 1.4 this is the way to close Firebug on a page.

Did you catch that: The red [x] is the way to close Firebug on a page.

The reason to pay special attention is that we are also changing the behavior of the Firebug status icon button: when Firebug is open, the button will minimize rather than close Firebug. This is similar to older versions of Firebug, so it will only be a surprise for folks who use the alpha versions of 1.4.

If you start with Firebug closed, the status icon will be grey: greybug If you click it, Firebug will open and (if you have the panels enabled) the icon will be orange:orangebug Another click on the status bar icon will minimize Firebug; the icon will remain orange since Firebug is still running.  More clicks will alternate between restoring the Firebug UI and minimizing it.

The description is a bit long winded and I’m not a fan of context-dependent UI operations, but this sequence is what Firebug users expect, especially designers who actually want to look at the web page, go figure.


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4 Responses to “Minimizing Firebug 1.4a22”

  1. Dorus Peelen Says:

    Those 3 buttons are very similar to the Minimize, maximize and close button every program on every operating system has. Normally these functions have a lower line, square and cross as icon. Why not use something similar on firebug? Would make the UI much more natural.

    Shot at 2009-04-29

  2. Dorus Peelen Says:

    Beat me how to insert a image, here another try:
    Shot at 2009-04-29

  3. Andy Says:

    This new “status icon” behavior is not intuitive for me either. But, well, at least, you could add a middle-click to turn off Firefox. Otherwise, we always need one click, move mouse arrow, another click just to turn off Firefox when it’s minimized.

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