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Firebug 1.4a18

Lots of new stuff landed in Firebug 1.4a18:

  • Curtis Bartley’s Tabs on On Top
  • Han Hillen’s Accessibility and Key Rebinding,
  • Kevin Decker’s multi panel search, and
  • Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko’s continually amazing Net panel.

The new UI layout has one more surprise: the Inspect button is an icon:


Curtis assures me that the thing between the Firebug menu icon and my beautiful, custom-designed pause button is a flashlight, not an incoming ICBM. (Ok, the two bar thing means break -on-next, kinda like pause right?). Anyway if some has better artwork to offer under BSD for these icons, please don’t be shy.


5 Responses to “Firebug 1.4a18”

  1. Andy Says:

    Does it work well with the latest Firefox? And what about Firefox 3.5 nightlies?

  2. Andy Says:

    Regarding free icons, the eclipse icons are the best I’ve found — from my bookmarks:

    eclipse icons – Google Search

  3. Funtomas Says:

    Since not being a designer, may I suggest you to make those bars rectangular for a better recognition? Also consider red color.

  4. jerone Says:

    For the icons; maybe have both a new icon and the text. This way people can get used to the new icon, but immediately know what it means by the text.

  5. arne anka Says:

    probably not quite the right place, but anway.
    i tried to report abug that annoys me since long ago and, to get the connection to the blogentry, might be fixed finally?
    i do have a lot of accounts already and don’t want to create another one, just to report one tiny bug — and i certainly never will give google more data about me than they have already. so, as long there’s no way to report bugs anonymously, i’ll do it here.

    in firebug’s html-view selecting a tag that’s wrapped immediatley makes that tag a oneliner, ie it is straightened out to occupy exactly one, sometimes very long line — and the scrollbars do not act accordingly.
    if the part of the tag (its content or an attribute) is beyond the part you can scroll to, all you see is the beginning of the textfield you input should go into, but only a fracture of the character typed into, never the whole thing, unless the you finish input. once you see a, under these circumstance very likely, type, you do have to select that part again and are stuck with a almost invisible textfield and a cursor at start, so you better have counted the number of chars until your typo.

    imo the best solution would be never to un-wrap the disdplayed html code, the second best, to notify the scrollbar that the area to be scrolled has been massively enlarged, so one actually can scroll to the area one is editing.

    i’ve seen that with ff2 and now with ff3 and atm firebug 1.3.3, which is the ost up to date ff finds.

    if you can’t quite follw my description, drop me a not and i will send you screenshot.