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Firebug Releases: 1.3.1b1 and 1.4.0a12 has released four new versions of Firebug.

  1. 1.3.1b1 fixes a number of bugs found after 1.3.0 went up on and includes even more locales. Bug fixes include the scope of the command line, various console or command line not ready problems, tab completion in the command line, and file locking.
  2. 1.3X.1b1, same as 1.3.1b1 but with FBTrace, the firebug tracing support to diagnose Firebug problems.
  3. 1.4.0a12 includes all of the bug fixes from 1.3.1b1 and more that could not be applied to 1.3 branch.  In addition this release has a preliminary version of search-across multiple files contributed by the awesome kpdecker; we’ll probably have to back out some of the UI before 1.4b1 however.
  4. 1.4X.0a12, same as 1.4.0a12, but with FBTrace.

The 1.3.1 release mainly targets users affected by the bugs so we can get some feedback and see if we may have also resolved some issues without test cases but that sound similar to things we’ve fixed.

The 1.4.0 release is on target to be the best Firebug ever. And hopefully this alpha will make up for the unfortunate a11 release which had a number of problems.


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