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Chromebug gets mail

Here’s sneak peek at Chromebug 0.5a1 running on Firefox to debug Firebug:

Chromebug 0.5a1 on Firefox

and here it is running on Thunderbug 3.0b2:

Chromebug 0.5a1 on Thunderbird

Starting with version 0.5a1, Chromebug needs to be started by using the command line option -chromebug rather than the previous -chrome<chromeURL> method.  (Thanks to Ben Smedberg for this suggestion and others for help in working out the details).

Chromebug 0.5a1 can inspect Firefox and Thunderbird, and in debugging Firebug I can set breakpoints and look at DOM state. Single stepping does not work yet, and some things don’t work in Thunderbird because of things like DTD and CSS files from the ‘browser’ name space.

This version introduces a new ‘package’ based approach to the UI. It will take some time to fill it out and explain how it works.


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  1. David Ascher Says:

    w00t! thanks! can’t wait to try it out…

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