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Firebug Releases: Firebug 1.3.0

Robcee released Firebug 1.3.0 to

There are a couple of good blog entries already, one from the pyroentomologist himself and another on ars technica by Ryan Paul.

1.3.0 was originally planned as a stop-gap release to solve unfortunate “double load” problem.  Since the earliest Firebug versions, source files were called up from servers by a second load. As we added more an more features to Firebug, users loaded source more often, and some of those users have servers that count every single page load.  Nothing like debugging your shopping cart app when the debugger orders an extra copy of everything for you! We couldn’t fix this easily, until Honza found and help push out a new nsITraceableChannel into Firefox 3.0.4.  We targeted  our beta for 3.04 to help folks with a critical need and now its official 1.3.0.

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  1. Guy Says:

    “source files where (sic) called up from servers by a second load.”

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