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Firebug Features: 1.4 Script Debugging

Here’s peek at new features in 1.4 as of a7.

Firebug's debugger controls, when on a breakpoint

Sticky debugger controls. When you hit a breakpoint in Firebug the Script panel comes to the top and these controls become active.  But if you change to the Console or Net panels, get deep in debugging, its easy to forget you are stopped.  In 1.4 these controls will show up in every panel while they are active.

Search box on firebug ui

Case-insensitive search.  For source searches, you can type all lower case and the search will be case-insensitive or if you used mixed case the search will require case matching.

Firebug break on next control

Break on next. When you are not stopped in the debugger but want to break on the next Javascript function, click the pause button. It will arm itself and flash until some Javascript runs. This could be a button click, AJAX callback, or page load. Still experimental as of a7.

Three invisible features:

  1. Avoid scroll on single step. Makes the UI less bouncy
  2. Stay on debugger. Internal control to reduce exotic Firebug bugs and improve performance
  3. Avoid MD5 on eval(). If you don’t set breakpoints in eval() code, you don’t pay to hash the buffers.

This last feature should make Firefox faster when you are using Firebug but not breaking in eval() code.

(I prefer follow ups on the Firebug newsgroup)

2 Responses to “Firebug Features: 1.4 Script Debugging”

  1. jerone Says:

    Good work, can’t wait for the release.
    Is there going to be any improvements/features for GreaseMonkey in the future.

  2. Jayesh Modha Says:

    I have firebug 1.4.0, The break on next feature is totally breaking my application and when I got trapped by this feature first time, I didn’t realize that it was waiting on break on next. I am sure this would be a good feature but I am not able to understand how to disable this. I don’t this feature unless I want to enable it.

    Please let me with this.